Sunday, 19 May 2013


Many many beautiful things can now be yours! 

There is a selection of original artwork, original prints, digital prints, some framed and some unframed.
For any other specifics or queries please get in touch via email or phone.

There are also items that are not featured in my official catalogue so I'm putting them up on here, which means anybody who visit my website won't be aware the pieces that I'm showing you blog followers.
Special treatment for all you special people! 
'Rain Horse' Digital print 8.3" x 11.6" 
unframed £30

'A Cliff' Digital print 33" x 23.5" 
unframed £50

'London Commute' Original artwork 2012 mixed media, unframed 8.3" x 11.6"
 unframed SOLD

'Memento' Original prints, series of 6, 2011 collograph print on Sommerset Velevet 23.5" x  33"  
unframed £20

Detail of 'Memento' 

'Half' Original artwork, 2012 watercolour on Sommerset 8.3" x 11.6" 
unframed £30

Detail of 'Half'

'Slum Colour' Original artwork, 2013 Spraypaint on board 27" x 38.7" 
framed £50

Detail of 'Slum Colour' 

'Summer Berries' Original artwork, 2012 watercolour 10" x 4"
framed £30

Detail of 'Summer Berries'

'Ascent' Digital print 8.3" x 11.6"
unframed £30

'Ascent' also available 11.6" x 16.5"
unframed £45

(Please note all prices do not include P&P)

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