Monday, 6 May 2013


  I have been dedicating some of my time to volunteering with the Bristol based group art+power. Art+power are a charity devoted to helping people to help themselves through creative practices; this is done through goal setting, personal achievements, enjoyment, challenging themselves, working with others, overcoming difficulties, etc. Giving people the tools to drive themselves with whatever they want. The program is open to everyone but has a focus on people who are socially excluded and those with mental illness.

  The result of this not only have I been involved in the goings on of the various programs run but also I recently ran a workshop covering artist books/book arts. The session went really well! Everyone involved engaged with the subject and got thoroughly stuck in. The sessions consisted of a talk (with lovely examples on loan from Sarah Bodman at the book arts department in CFFPR) and also a workshop where participants learnt how to make a few simple book binding techniques.

  This was a very good learning experience for others as well as for myself, as this was my first time teaching and it definitely taught me a thing or two about speaking louder among other things!

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