Saturday, 21 December 2013

'Cafe Revival'

More display boards for 'Cafe Revival' Bristol:

These three items were made out of reclaimed wood which I can assure you made the job challenging to paint onto. But it's this reason why they have such character to them and each bit was painted directly onto the planks so that all the text fits the wood and is still functional even with cracks and wobbles on the surface. The challenge with this was to make menu boards that were still completely functional, still had black board surface and did not loose any writing space. This criteria lead me to use the same functionality of the previous board but make the boards material the interesting element rather than focusing on any non practical typography or decorative touches. I can't wait to see them hung up in the finishing place!

Friday, 15 November 2013

Cosmic Gypsy

'Don't Believe the Type' comes at you again! Switching it up on the medium again, this time onto glass bottles - imagine these beauts on your bar/pub/fridge display

"I'm the cosmic gypsy, tipsy from plutonium whysky."
00:48 'Cosmic Gypsies', Task Force feat. Jehst & Braintax, 2000

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Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Bye Bye Gorillas

This weekend I went to visit Paignton Zoo for the last chance to see all of the Great Gorillas together for the last time. I had a great time wandering around the zoo, seeing how families and children  were reacting to all off them and also so see them all myself for the first time. The project really brought in a wide range of techniques, skills and ideas. It's also been a huge success for raising awareness for their cause and I wish them the best of luck with the final auctions which are commencing 6th November so head along to join in the excitement!

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Saturday, 19 October 2013


Yet another instalment from the 'Don't Believe the Type' project. This time the mediums are enamel, spray paint on a skateboard.
 ". . . got the mad fat fluid . . . " 

00:55 'Halftime', Nas, 1992

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Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Winter Warmers at Cafe Revival

This chalk board I recently designed and painted for their winter drinks price display at Cafe Revival, Bristol.  Going with a Christmas market festive feel I threw in some autumnal colours to boot. The Velvet Spice Mocha has got to be my favourite though! All wintery, warm and fuzzy inside!

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Thursday, 19 September 2013


This summer has been a busy for me as for several weeks I have been away working at various festivals around the UK doing bits and pieces of creative/rigging work. It's been an amazing time and such a fun experience, this years memories, work and people that I've met won't ever leave me. I took some photos along the way documenting the things I did either alone or with different teams. However the main team I was working with were a lovely couple who run A&E Adventures, who are well worth reaching out to if ever in need of visual magic!

The first of the summer was Secret Garden Party in Huntingdon:


Next up was the maddest city in the world of Boomtown Fair:

The final festival in my season was the very laid back One Love Festival:

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'Rolling In'

  Earlier this year I entered the Folio Societys competition to illustrate 'Brave New World' by Aldous Huxley, of which my entries can be found on the Books section of my website. However out of all the sketches and images I produced for this my favourite by far was the image relating to the main characters hide away of an abandoned lighthouse. The original of this pieces has now been framed and sold to a good friend, however there will be prints available if I'm asked very nicely . . .

Here are some detail shots of 'Rolling In' and the original can be viewed in the Shop section of my website:

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